Fighting for the Edge

Fighting for the Edge - Jennifer Comeaux Also posted at Fathomless Reveries

I got absorbed in this entire series, from the journey of Emily and Sergei’s relationship in the first book, and the countless dramas the characters have experienced in the second book. But, this third book is sort of different because dual POVs were provided (Emily and Aubrey’s.) At first, it was kind of confusing when the first POV (Emily) will switch to third POV (Aubrey.) But after I got that nailed down, this story is beautiful, and the series of problems and drama really got me hooked up.

Emily and Sergei once again encounters an unexpected challenge of their own. I love how Sergei is always supportive of whatever Emily decides, as long as it is for the good. He just knows the right things to say to boost Emily’s confidence up, and I really admired him for that. His unrelenting devotion to Emily is truly stunning.

Emily is also a character that I adored. She has strong spirit and determination to get the things she want done. She continues to grow as a person throughout the series, but I think this is the point wherein she grew the most. I like the way she doesn’t drill people to tell her how they feel towards a situation, and she just gives an ear when they’re prepared.

I enjoyed reading Aubrey’s side as well. I’ve always seen her as the bubbly person she always is, but reading this book has made me realize that she also has her own sad, depressing moments. It was great to see that she was able to change, and learn how to believe in things. She may have experienced a lot of troubles and drama, but she got past through it all. She was strong, in the way that she put herself out there.

Above all else, I loved Chris the most. He stayed regardless of whatever problems Emily and Aubrey had to face, and he continued to support them. He became their bedrock, and really, it’s nice to have a person like that. He was protective of his friends, but he also knows how to give space. I really admired him for the way he wholeheartedly accepted Aubrey even after knowing her past. Not many people can do this, and I really loved him for it.

I really felt like I was in the book, together with the characters, and it made me feel what it’s like to be in the skating competition. I wasn’t into the book right away in the first half, so I wasn’t really reading it continuously. I had countless breaks in reading this, but when I reached the latter half, I got really absorbed, and it had almost made me pull up an all-nighter.

Comeaux’ Fighting for the Edge is a beautiful story of love, family and friendship, along with a feel of the world of figure skating. This last instalment to the series can be read as a standalone, but I would definitely recommend reading the first two books first.