Camp Christmas

Camp Christmas - J.K. Rock CHARACTERS
Even though I didn't really get Hannah's love/hate relationship with her friends, I did kind of understand her using popularity as something of an outlet for the frustration she felt with her family falling apart. It's nice to know that in the end, she found growth and realization in her life, and she got her own happy ending. And then there's the ever awesome Julian. I love how he was able to see through Hannah's mean facade and even took it to himself to break it. He was a good listener and was always willing to learn. Most of all, though, I admired that he was confident enough to not care what other people thought of him, because that's something really rare nowadays.

The plot was shown in the perspectives of both Hannah and Julian, and that was really great because it saved me the trouble of trying to grasp the thoughts of the other. (Also, I'm a total sucker for guy POVs.) The book was well-written, and it was fun as well as a bit dramatic.

This novella was entertaining enough to read, and it makes me want to try out all the other books in the series. Fortunately, though, it can be read as a standalone, so you don't have to worry if you haven't read the other ones yet!