Mutilate My Heart (Mutilated, #1)

Mutilate My Heart (Mutilated, #1) - Emily Godwin I think that from the beginning, I was already drawn to this book because of its association with music. What I didn’t expect, though, was that it had paranormal elements in it as well. I never got that from reading its summary, so I was really shocked when I got to that part of the story. Although it was a bit weird, I think it was cleverly incorporated into the plot. It served as quite an effective turning point considering I had no idea that anything like it would happen.
Becca and Carli were both really cool. I admired how they were always there for each other through everything. I found the romantic aspect quite sweet, too (Sketch is like Milo from American Girl on Saturn!). It’s every teenage girl’s dream to be able to hang out with a great guy from a great band! Sketch’s bandmates were also pretty awesome; they certainly lived up to their (kind of creepy) names. It was nice to see Spaceships Around Saturn mentioned in the story, forming a slight connection between it and AGoS.

I can definitely say that I loved the contemporary feel of the novel. It was a fun, light read, and I recommend it for anyone who finds interest in music, the paranormal, or both!