Girls Are Players (G.A.P.) (Volume 2)

Girls Are Players (G.A.P.) (Volume 2) - Ingrid Seymour This book was terrific! The story and the writing completely blew me off, what with the well-expressed thoughts and emotions of the characters, especially Jessica. My addiction to reading this actually got to the point where I pulled an all nighter just to find out what happened to Jessica and her ex-boyfriend Taylor, and I don’t even regret having done that. Although Jessica could be described as bitchy, I appreciated her touching backstory, which made her so much more relatable for me. She may have started off on the wrong foot, but throughout the book, she was allowed to grow into a more mature and sensible person. It made me realize that there is no one solution to a problem, and what we choose to do in dealing with difficult situations are entirely up to us. This may seem like just another cliché story about finding answers or finding love, but in truth, it is so much more than that. I finished this book without disappointments, and I fully recommend that you give it a shot!