That One Summer (Summer, #3)

That One Summer (Summer, #3) - C.J. Duggan
Ohmygosh, ohmygosh. I really liked this series! I fell in love with the Onslow people when I read the first book, The Boys of Summer. I especially loved the relationship between Tess and Toby and all that. (Imma write my review on this sometime soon!) I skipped the second book (yes, I suck. I just went straight to That One Summer so that I’ll be on time for tour stop HAHA) This is why there are some things that I don’t really quite understand like who Amy is or who Tammy is and all those things. But still, it didn’t lower down my reading feels. Ohmygoooosh. Chris and Tammy <3 (Fangirling moment!) I love their moments together and I can really feel their chemistry together. Oh, the feels! They help each other grow, and break out of each other’s shell, which is really fantastic.<br/>
I love how Tammy is just naturally hilarious, which makes reading this book even more fun. She’s genuine and cares for the people she loves. The way she thinks she won’t be able to fit in the group, but in the end she really felt like she belonged was really amazing. It’s really admirable to see someone ready to step up to something and wanting to make a change in themselves. It’s that inner strength that makes me really admire them, and I think Tammy has this.

I love how Chris is all-so-serious and moody but he’s actually a responsible, caring and sweet person. At first I didn’t like him because he was so serious and all that, but Tammy going on a road trip with him changed my views. It taught me on how to really stop being judgemental on people because we never know who they really are until we get to know them better. He was so adorable! (insert fangirl moment! *squeals*)

It was also awesome that the characters from previous books were also given the spotlight and still a part of the story. Duggan wrote amazingly well and I was kept on my toes through all the things that were happening. I don’t know if I should be mad or what with all the false accusations that was going through my mind when I was reading it. But anyhow, I really loved the ending! It just fits, and it was amazing.

A breathtaking story about friendship and love with that laid-back summer Aussie vibe and funny road trip adventures that is surely enjoyable to read! That One Summer can be read as a stand-alone, but it’s better to read the prequels to have a better connection with the characters.