Playing Pretend

Playing Pretend - Juliana Haygert The synopsis has certainly pulled me in. I mean, a girl protagonist who has two facades, and keeping up with all the pretending? How’s that going to end for her? I was really curious, and that’s what got me hooked up.

It started on Charlotte’s Spring Break, wherein she got to meet Mason and they have this carefree, spring fling romance and not really get to know each other, thinking that they will never see each other again. Everything turns differently when they realize they live near each other. Mason wanted to get to know more about Charlotte, and she just could not forget the time that she had spent with Mason. The political career of Charlotte’s mother has always been more important than Charlotte’s happiness that is why her mother always demanded perfection, class and elegance from her. Because of this, Charlotte and Mason were forced to have a secret relationship instead. Everything goes downhill once again, when Charlotte’s mother introduces Donnie, a son of a political person.

Charlotte has always been living a double life to please her mother and herself. I actually admire her for this because she is selfless to live a life in order for her mother to be happy. Selfless as it seems, she shows a weak personality whenever she could not stand up to her mother. Seeing her real self being so carefree, artistic and passionate, a total different image from what her mother wants her to be, makes me just cheer for her to go speak up for herself. I loved that she has learned how to become strong and took it to herself to do something to be able to be free from the suffocation she was feeling from her mother. Not to mention that I could somehow relate to Charlotte, especially when she puts up all those facades to be able to deal with what’s happening based on her companions. Been there, done that. I’m glad that Charlotte was able to break herself free from this because it is really amazing to become who you truly are.

Coming from a poor family, I love that Mason did not allow money matters to come between him and his dreams. He is determined and hard working to be able to get reach his aspirations. He is truly passionate and does not give up easily.

The romance between Charlotte and Mason seemed really natural and has this overwhelming emotion. They were really sweet and passionate with each other. Most important of all, they helped bring out the best of each other and could be who they really are. No pretending, and just the two of them.

I love how Juliana Haygert has provided the point of views of both characters, and the story has good pacing. It is fast-paced, and does not have too much filler scenes, which puts Playing Pretend into a good length.

A passionate love story between two people of different status that shows the beauty of real personalities, Playing Pretend is ideal to contemporary romance readers!