Solving for Ex

Solving for Ex - LeighAnn Kopans Also posted at my blog, Fathomless Reveries

Solving for Ex is a book that almost had me pull up an all-nighter again! It’s so cute and adorable, and I’ve been hearing everywhere that this one’s a modern retelling of Austen’s Mansfield Park, but I haven’t read it yet so it really helped that I didn’t know how things would turn out.

Right from the start, I have always been Team Brendan rather than Team Vincent because Vincent seemed too perfect, and there was really something off about him. But while I was in the middle of it, I started to be swayed to Team Vincent as I was absorbed into Vincent’s personality (well, a lot of girls would love to have a good personality like his.) It didn’t help that Brendan was pushing Ashley away and so deeply engrossed with Sofia. Really, I hated Brendan for that. I’m glad I stuck to Team Brendan, especially when Vincent showed his true colours. Ashley and Brendan were both so adorable and just meant to be with each other, as they continuously help each other grow and realize their own mistakes.

Sofia. I hated Sofia with a burning passion. She’s a good epitome of mean and bitchy girls. She’s so fake and I just want to hit her for it and all that (ugh) She has this insta-popularity because she’s rich and pretty. She’s someone who gets whatever she wants, and she keeps on getting between Ashley and Brendan, which really annoyed me to the max. In short, there’s not one characteristic of hers that I liked. However, I think that it’s her personality that makes this story even more interesting.

As for Brendan, I had a love-hate relationship with him. Yes, he’s adorable and sweet and all that, but sometimes, he’s just so irritable. He has this childish personality with Ashley wherein, ‘oh, you’re spending time with Vincent; I’m going to spend time with Sofia then,’ type of thing. He gets jealous but doesn’t do anything about it. It’s like, he has these feelings inside him and tries to act on them, but pulls back on the last minute, making Ashley so confused. On the other hand, he was caring and sweet to Ashley that didn’t seem fake. Brendan got easily swayed by Sofia’s beauty, but it was great that he learned a lot of things in the end.

Ashley had the most realistic personality of all. She got bullied the previous year, and is trying to cope with all that while moving to another place. It didn’t help that she seems to doesn’t fit in the crowd, but then, Brendan came into the picture and helped her. She’s amazing in the way that she doesn’t get easily swayed, and saw pass through all the seemingly perfect personalities that surround her. She had a clear vision on what she wanted and that’s really nice. She also found the strength in her to stand up to others, which made her grow into a better individual. The only thing I didn’t like with her is that, she kept on going on and on how perfect her life would be if she’s with Brendan and all that stuff. It got annoying in the end.

Kopans did a great job in showing how the teenagers feel when they want to fit in, finding happiness, and going all in with the things or people you love, even if there might be a chance to lose them. Life, after all, is about finding happiness and taking risks. It’s about putting yourself out there, and becoming even stronger than you were before. I also loved the way she put some math-related notes at the end of every chapter. Even though I don’t crappy understand how the most of the answers were solved, the messages were really cute. It was awesome to have linked mathematics into sending short messages. The ending of Solving for Ex was especially cute, and I was going absdjfabsjdfan when I saw the last note. (teehee)

Overall, Solving for Ex is just a brilliant, fun, enjoyable, standalone YA read. It had me smiling throughout the book, and I totally recommend reading this one!