At first, I was a bit hesitant to read this book, because the title made me feel like the story would be all negative and sad, but as I read through it, I found out what it actually meant, and I thought it was really cool. So for anyone thinking that it’s a depressing novel, it’s not (for the most part).

I think that Hopeless, despite not exactly being original, is a great book. It’s nicely written, and it describes the emotions of the main character so well that I actually felt like I was in her body feeling all those things with her. I love how the characters developed throughout the book, especially Sky. At the beginning of the novel, she wondered why she couldn’t feel any connection with others, but as the story went on and she met Holder, she started realizing how much she was really missing out on. She and Holder really complemented each other in their relationship, too, because through it they were able to help each other grow into better people. Holder kind of started out as this bad boy type, but when he’s with Sky, he’s gentle and caring, and it was really nice to see Sky bring out that side of him.

The book mainly focuses on Sky’s past, and it opened up my eyes to the horrible things that parents could do to their children. I adore Sky’s bravery, because it takes a lot of courage to get past something that scarring and still turn into a person as strong as she is. I’m really glad that Karen was able to help her, and it made me see that sometimes, the best thing to do may not necessarily be the right thing.

The plot is pretty intense, with so many tragic things happening. I also felt like the ending didn’t give me a sense of closure. Overall, was a tragic and painful story, but there was still beauty in all of that. It taught me that bad things can happen to anyone, and it is important that we stay strong amidst anything that life throws our way. As they say, you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.