American Girl On Saturn

American Girl On Saturn - Nikki Godwin Amazing. That’s American Girl on Saturn summed up in one word. It was actually quite refreshing to read something lighter than all the books I’d been reading for the past few weeks. At first I wasn’t sure about wanting to try it, because it seemed like such a shallow and childish story, but I’m glad I was proved wrong. The plot was developed well, and so were the characters. I really felt like I could connect with them. I admired Aralie’s ability to always be open about how she feels, because there aren’t many people who can do that. And I’m a hundred percent Team Milo! He’s just too adorable! This book had me smiling the entire time! It definitely exceeded my expectations, and surprisingly, I learned something from it as well. I can’t help but say it again: This book was just so sweet, funny, and downright amazing! I loved every bit of it, and I totally recommend it to anyone looking for something light and amusing to read.