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Defining Destiny is one hot, steamy and sexy romance. Right from the start, I was already captured into the story, and I was so engrossed with everything that is happening that I felt like as if I was already suck into the story. It kept me on my toes throughout the entire duration, and I almost pulled an all-nighter. I love anything related to music, so this was a plus plus for me. Not to mention that Chase provided the point of view of both characters which I really love. It’s nice to be inside Seth’s head and read what’s going through his mind.

There were a few things that I didn’t like with the plot though, namely, the insta-love and soul mates concept. I’m not really a big fan of them, especially insta-love, which happened to Lucy and Seth. There was an irresistible connection immediately between the two of them which didn’t suit me well. Soul mates also played a big role in the story, especially when Seth got hesitant because of his mate, and that Lucy also already has her own, and all that. It got a bit annoying, but maybe that’s just on my part, since I’m not a believer of soul mates.

Nonetheless, I love how the characters were portrayed in the story. Lucy’s life is centralized around music, which has an indescribable effect on the people who listen, and that’s really incredible. I could totally imagine it, and felt like I was there during her concert (amazing!) After Cadan, her boyfriend/soul mate’s absolute betrayal in many forms (ugh -_-), she bravely walked out from the life that she was really comfortable with. It was unfathomable on how she felt with the betrayal; I don’t think I could have walked away with dignity, just like what she did. The way she’ll do whatever it takes just to save something precious to her, just like her dad’s house, is just really admirable. She’d sacrifice what she already has to be able not to lose the things that are really important to her. Of course, she also has her own imperfections. She makes impulsive decisions and assumes easily. She doesn’t really give others the chance to explain their side, and assumes the worst possible scenario immediately. But I was easily able to look past these because she was able to learn how to stand up for herself, and that she’d choose the thing she’s passionate about over love.

I love how Seth learns to open up himself again and move on from the past. He learned how to put himself out there, even though he knew that there was big chance he’d get hurt again. He is sweet to Lucy and gives her space. He knows when he should make a decision, and when he should leave it to Lucy. He’s really amazing (and sexy haha!) but he easily gets jealous (-.-)

As for Cadan, he’s an A-rank A-hole! He should just burn and rot in hell. I absolutely hate him with a passion. (pfft) There was a point in time wherein I thought he’d come to his senses and turn around, but in the end, he’s still an A-hole! He seems to be a firm believer of soul mates but he doesn’t appear to love Lucy anyway. Really, for me, he’s just a user and should just disappear from this world.

Jax, the best friend of Lucy, is really an amazing friend because she’s always there for Lucy. She was also able to have Lucy step foot on stage again after a couple of months because she knows that Lucy really belongs up there on the spotlight. There were a lot of times that she appeared to be needy and insecure, but yeah, she’s still a good friend. She’d support whatever Lucy decides, as long as she knows it’s good for her.

This is one story that shows how we can inspire others and touch lives without even knowing the effect we have on others. Defining Destiny has taught me how to learn to accept the things that we cannot change, and how life is all about second chances. It’s just up to us if we want to grab them or not because they only come once in a while.

A beautiful, exhilarating story with a touch of music and romance, Defining Destiny is all about letting go, growing up, and going all in with the things we love.